Bike- Run- Paddle -Trek- Olympia -Traverse

Bike- Run- Paddle -Trek- Olympia -Traverse

Olympia Traverse
July 27, 2013

The Olympia Traverse – a multi-sport adventure relay for solo, tandem and teams celebrating the life cycle of wild salmon.Celebrating the 4th Annual- Olympia Traverse is a multi-sport adventure relay for solo, tandem, relay and Traverse Company Teams celebrating the life cycle of wild salmon. It all starts out in the Capitol Forest and winds its way into downtown Olympia for a strong finish at Port Plaza.

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Looking For Something To Do In Olympia WA. Check out the Olympia Traverse. Go Solo, With A Buddy or With A Team. Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Paddle, Run & Trek. Great Prizes and Fun For Everyone.

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Overview Of The Course.

    Here’s a quick overview of the course.

  • Mountain Bike- 8.3 miles in Capitol Forest out of Waddell Creek
  • Road Bike- 22 miles from Capitol Forest, through Evergreen State College campus to West Bay Park in downtown Olympia.
  • Paddle- 3.5 miles from West Bay Park around Budd Inlet to Swantown Marina
  • Run- 4.5 miles from Swantown out to Priest Point Park and back.
  • Trek- .5 miles from the Children’s Museum with the rest of your team to Port Plaza.
  • GO FISH!

    What are you? Cninook? Coho? Chum? Chinook (solo) – Coho (tandem) – Chum (relay of 3-4 people)

    Not many are Chinook! But who says chum doesn’t have more fun. decide for yourself and head out for some fun whether watching or participating.

    Olympia Traverse, a multi-sport challenge for solo, tandem and relay teams, celebrates the lifecycle of wild salmon- recognizing the natural and urban challenges they face in their journey. The event starts in Capitol Forest and winds through the woods, out onto the open county roads to West Bay Park to launch boats for a paddle in Budd Inlet to then land in Swantown. The last leg is a team Trek through the City of Olympia to the finish line at Port Plaza.