Burfoot Park

Burfoot Park

Burfoot Park Olympia WA

Burfoot Park Olympia WA, Covers 50 acres of property with 1,100 feet of saltwater beach frontage on Budd Inlet. Burfoot park is a great place to enjoy nature trails, playgrounds, picnic areas and beaches, that feature beautiful views of the State Capitol in Olympia, the Budd Inlet and the Olympic Mountains. Burfoot Park has three shelter to keep you out of the rain while your visiting, the main shelter, the meadow shelter, and the forrest shelter. Burfoot Park is a peaceful beach with trails, picnic areas, and a play area. This is a great park for a field trip to see Puget Sound creatures such as Crabs, clams, geoducks, jellyfish and more. Make sure you time your visit for low tide so you can look for neat shells and rocks. The lucky visitor will see some harbor seals and sea lions offshore.

Burfoot Park – Paddle to Squaxin 2012 canoe Journey’s “Soft Landing” location.

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6927 Boston Harbor Rd NE, Olympia WA 98506

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