Procession of the Species Arts Walk Olympia WA

Procession of the Species Arts Walk Olympia WA

Cultural Events Olympia WA

Hours of Arts Walk

Friday 5pm to 10pm the 26th,
Luminary Procession at 9pm Friday the 26th,
Saturday 12pm to 8pm the 27th. The parade starts at 4:30 pm on Saturday the 27th.

Come early and use the sidewalk chalk provided to create your own special creation celebrating nature and Earth Day!

What Is It Arts Walk 2013?

Arts Walk is all about music, food and fun. Here you can find unique artists, vendors and more. You really have to see it for yourself. Come early for good parking. It’s a time for community to come together and celebrate life. You will literally be surprised at how amazing it is. Bring your camera your friends and your family. Arts walk is one of the friendliest events¬† in Washington. Visiting Olympia or the surrounding area be sure to stop by or spend the day in Olympia at Arts Walk.

“The Procession of the Species is a joyous, spontaneous artistic pageant where community members celebrate their relationships with each other and with the natural world.

Created by the community for the community, the Procession program facilitates seven weeks of art, music, and dance workshops that inspire personal understanding of and local action for wildlife protection.

Then on Procession day, residents don their creative expressions and proceed through the streets of Olympia in masks and costumes. Carrying banners, windsocks, and giant puppets, they participate in a cultural exchange honoring the awe and splendor of the natural world. “(POSC Website)

Participation Rules:(no words or symbols)

Chalk in the Streets “Street chalk will be provided for spectators to draw nature art (no words or symbols) in the streets along the Procession route beginning at 1 p.m. (time approximate). With support from the local community groups, this collaboration is both a gift and an opportunity for all of us to keep our Procession of the Species Celebration a true community cultural exchange. Share your colors and let the Procession begin! “(POSC website)

Register to be in the Procession Arts Walk 2013 of Olympia Washington

“In our continuing effort to assure the Procession remains a genuine act of community, those who come to watch the Procession can also donate a can of food to the Food Bank.

To register for the Procession, please complete the registration information below for you or your group. (Register only once per group.) Please realize that by registering, you are accepting the terms of the Participant Waiver on the form.

Registration forms may be picked up & returned at the: Procession Community Art Studio

See Map



Registration fee

Registration fee is two cans of food per person for the Thurston County Food Bank. Please bring on the day of the Procession. The Food Bank white van will be at the registration table on Procession day to receive your donation. Please give it directly to them. Thank you for supporting ALL of our community!

Please note also that those who come to watch the Procession can also donate a can of food to the Food Bank.

Spread the word, tell your friends to come to see the Procession with a can of food or two”(POSC Website)
” * No written words – We use no words or symbols in our art and we also avoid music with lyrics.

* No pets – We have no real animals in the procession unless it is a guide dog for someone who needs one.


* No motorized vehicles – None of us motorize our creations, but a needed motorized wheelchair that is certainly ok.” (POSC Website)