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U.S. Martial Arts Center’s Main Goal

Our main goal is to not just teach students how to kick and punch, but it is to promote strong character development. CONFIDENCE, RESPECT, SELF-ESTEEM, PATIENCE, and DISCIPLINE are key ingredients to becoming a master martial artist, as well as a successful person. If you have been wanting to enroll into a karate, kungfu, taekwondo or any martial arts program we want you to know we have been the top choice for over a thousand families in the area! View Website To Learn More

Grand Master Young-Hak Lee

The founder and owner of the U.S. Martial Arts Center’s, Grandmaster Lee is a pioneer in Washington State Taekwondo. He was born in Korea and began his taekwondo training at an early age and further developed his skills as a member of the Korean Army Special Force’s Taekwondo Team. He moved to California in 1978 to share his knowledge of taekwondo, and in 1983, he, his wife, and their two children moved to the Olympia, Washington, area to bring martial arts to the South Puget Sound region. Grandmaster Lee has trained thousands of families and has awarded hundreds of black belts to a wide range of members, including fellow masters, instructors, local police officers, state patrol, military personnel and national team members. Grandmaster Lee holds the rank of 9th degree black belt in taekwondo; he is a six-time Korean Olympic Champion, 1993 Leader of the USA Collegiate Taekwondo Team, founder of the Washington State Taekwondo Day, former United States Taekwondo Union Washington State Taekwondo President, and the Washington State Taekwondo Association President.
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Taekwondo, Birthdays, Camp And More

In addition to our taekwondo classes, we offer many great activities. Some of the students favorites are our “Kick It” summer camp, birthday parties, summer picnics, and holiday parties. We have students from all over Washington State including: Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, DuPont, Tacoma, Bellveue, Seattle, Yelm, Shelton and Centralia. Feel free to contact us or visit our dojang and meet the entire USMAC family.
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About Taekwondo

Taekwondo is the hybrid of Korean martial arts that was developed over 1300 years ago. Its roots are thought to be related to traditional ancient Korean martial arts including taekkyeon and subak. It has improved and evolved throughout time, from its early start as an exercise for Buddhist monks to a self defense system for an elite ancient Korean military corps called the Hwarang Do in the 12th and 13th centuries. Modern taekwondo has been enjoyed by many, as both a recreational activity, means of self-defense and a competitive sport. Taekwondo as a competitive sport became an official Olympic medal event in the 2000 Olympic Games at Sydney, Australia. The U.S. Martial Arts Center is part of the Washington State Taekwondo Foundation and affiliated with USA Taekwondo and the World Taekwondo Federation both sanctioned groups of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Taekwondo is a martial art that deals with physical training and focus of the mind, both in and out of the dojang (school). Taekwondo students train to achieve the next level of skills indicated by belt color (black belt being the highest level attained). The meaning of taekwondo can be broken up into three sections:

U.S. Martial Arts Center in Olympia Tae Foot
U.S. Martial Arts Center in Olympia Kwon Fist
U.S. Martial Arts Center in Olympia
Do Way of Life


U.S Martial Arts Center

  • Changing Lives…
  • Respect Family & Friends
  • Respect Your Teachers
  • Keep Your Room Clean
  • Always Say Thank You
  • Always Finish Your Homework
  • Always Do Your Best
U.S.M.A.C. in Olympia
West Olympia: 360.357.6433
2302 Harrison Ave NW Ste. 205
Olympia, WA 98502
(Located next to Apollo Pizza and WSECU)

Lacey: 360.459.3661
7233 Martin Way E.
Olympia, WA 98516

South Lacey: 360.491.6088
4810 – I Yelm Hwy SE
Lacey, WA 98503

Taekwondo students learn not only how to defend themselves but are also trained how to balance their body and mind to achieve a fulfilling life using the following tenants of taekwondo:

Courtesy — be thoughtful and considerate of others.
Integrity — be honest, good hearted, hold a code of moral & ethical values.
Perseverance — never give up in the pursuit of challenges or a goal.
Self-control — be in control of your body, attitude, and mind.
Indomitable spirit — have the courage and strength to face adversity.

The U.S. Martial Arts Center has been voted:
King 5 Evening Magazine’s 2010 Best of Western Washington for Martial Arts School!
U.S. Martial Arts Center in Olympia Voted Washington Best Martial Arts Olympia WA

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