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At Washington Home Center, we offer the highest quality Manufactured Homes, backed by personalized service, before and after the sale.

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Services Washington Home Center Provides

Septic DesignSoil analysis and the resulting septic system requirements are critical, and large cost issues. With systems ranging in costs from $5,000 to $20,000
Site Preparation
Using the latest technology, our equipment has “Blade Mounted Laser Eye” leveling devices. This device enables the dozer operator to view an onboard video device, while grading home sites, septic areas and road surfaces, thus avoiding the expense of additional survey/grading.
Every new home sold requires an electrical service and provides yet another opportunity for cost savings and/or complications. 200 amp services are the norm, however greater amperage is often desirable. Electrical service panels should be placed with concern, in regards to cosmetic appeal and power company requirements. Prospective land buyers should consider proximity to nearest transformer and available amperage.
Water Systems
The type of drilling machine and the drill operator have much to do with quality and quantity of water that is discovered. Proper ditching and pipe selection are key ingredients to a water system that will operate maintenance free for extended periods of time.
Now, and into the future, the location of all utility lines is of great concern. Minimizing the lineal distance of ditching, and placing multiple utilities in the same ditch, is normally preferred. Bucket size, type of digging equipment, depth requirements, bedding, horizontal and vertical separation are common regulatory issues.
Home Installation & Setup
Washington Home & Land Services’ state licensed, installers are the best in the business. Do not under estimate the importance of training, journeyman knowledge, quality control personnel, and a genuine desire to achieve perfection.
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